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Good Life Games promotes healthy lifestyles and encourages adults 50+ to enhance the value
and vitality of their lives through athletic and recreational competition, social events,and volunteerism.

39th Annual Pinellas Senior GOLF Par 72
SPBC Classic

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Race Hawk Cycling
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Good Life Games, Inc.  ……  Board of Directors  **  Click to view or hide **

  • Darby Cortright  …President and C.E.O of the Board of Directors
  • Peggy Deal  …Office Manager and Treasurer of the Board of Directors
  • Walter Deal MD …Games Coordinator & Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors
  • Victor Huff  …Secretary of the Board of Directors
  • Charles Hayes  … Games Coordinator
  • Dr Kathleen Fitzgerald  …Board Member Sabbatical
  • Cornelius Owens  … Games Coordinator
  • Wade Barber  …Board Member
  • Dick Checket  …Board Member
  • Al Leon  …Board Member
  • Sami Mehmed Jr   …Web Consultant